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The Perfect How-To for a Flawless Neck & Décolleté

The Perfect How-To for a Flawless Neck & Décolleté

The neck and décolleté area is the most understated accessory of all time. It elevates any outfit and harmonises with a perfectly radiant face to give an overall healthy glow. However, it is also the area that is often left out when it comes to skincare. This neglect often causes these areas to age faster, creating a mismatch with our faces or even affecting our self-confidence.   

But before we start applying our facial products to our necks to care for them, let’s first understand these areas a little better to ensure we provide the best care. 

About the Neck & Decollete: 

The skin on our neck and décolleté is thinner than that of our face. This thinness makes the neck and décolleté more prone to damage from environmental aggressors (i.e. free radicals, pollutants and UV rays). These aggressors cause damage to the skin’s structure – destroying collagen and elastin, irritating the skin surface etc. Furthermore, on the sunny island of Singapore, many folks elect to stay cool with the help of sleeveless tops – exposing the neck and décolleté to the sun’s harmful UV rays. With few spreading their SPF so far past their jawline, it’s no wonder that this area suffers from wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. In addition to this, the neck and décolleté have fewer oil glands to keep them moist and smooth. Over time, these factors paired with a lack of care of the neck and décolleté allows wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone to be prominent.   

To make matters worse, with many of us glued to our devices, the severity of skincare issues like Tech Neck and Phone Chin have increased.   

Thus, it is imperative to take care of your neck and décolleté too. 

Essential Skincare Steps for the Neck and Décolleté: 

1. Cleansing & Exfoliating 

If you’ve been reading our Prologue articles for a while, you may notice that cleansing is a staple step. Apart from being a highly under-appreciated step, it is also the step that’s responsible for removing any impurities, dirt and sebum built up throughout the day. Plus, it has a direct impact of the efficacy of subsequent skincare steps. Thus, include your neck and décolleté in your cleansing routine. Based on your skin type, select your perfect cleansing duo from our cleansing staples.  

Beyond double cleansing, adding a weekly exfoliation for your neck and décolleté helps to even skin tone, lighten pigmentation and fine lines. With the skin in these areas being thinner, we recommend a non-abrasive exfoliator. Made from natural enzymes to provide a gentle yet effective exfoliation, the Natural Skin Refiner is perfect for the job. It also doubles as a mild exfoliating mask – great for those with sensitive skin. 

While it sounds like cleansing and exfoliating is sufficient to counter the issues experienced by the neck and décolleté, it is not. Its results would be unsustainable without the second step. 

2. Hydrate & Moisturise 

Once double cleansing and exfoliation have freed the skin of nasties, it is imperative to flood the skin with hydration and nourish its surface with moisture. Without this, the skin becomes prone to Trans Epidermal Water Loss – a process where the skin loses moisture and hydration to the environment. Moreover, hydrating and moisturising the skin adequately would prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated or dry. Should it become dry or dehydrated, the skin could become rough and fine lines would be more prominent.  

Between hydrating and moisturising, start with hydrating as the oil in moisturising products would prevent the ingredient of hydrating products to penetrate deeper to hydrate the skin from within. Hydrate the neck and décolleté using lightweight, watery-textured serums or gels that you use on the face. Don’t have the right lightweight serum or gel? Give our multi-faceted HA+ Hydrating Serum and Deep Recovery Gel a try! Plus, the Aloe Recovery Gel doubles as a soothing gel, perfect if you get sunburned from wearing sleeveless tops.  

After hydrating the skin sufficiently, moisturise it with a heavier/thicker moisturiser. With fewer oil glands on the neck and décolleté, it would not be able to produce sufficient oils to form a protective layer against aggressors and Trans Epidermal Water Loss. Thus, treat the skin to a moisturiser to keep the area soft, supple and youthful. If you experience acne on your neck and/or décolleté, a heavy moisturiser may not be ideal. Instead, try Jojoba Seed Oil or even a light hydrating mist that contains the oil

3. Seal it with SPF 

The last essential step for your neck and décolleté would be to protect it from environmental aggressors. Traditionally, SPF would protect your skin from the photo-ageing effects of UVA rays and burning effects of UVB rays. But with the increased screen time, our face, neck and décolleté are being exposed to more blue light. While blue light may not sound as intimidating as UVA and UVB rays, research has shown that blue light can have equally negative impacts on our skin.   

Namely, blue light can penetrate deeper into the skin and cause collagen to break down. For those of us with deeper skin tones, blue light can cause hyperpigmentation. Though it may sound silly, the right SPF can protect the skin from the effects of blue light. In particular, mineral SPF (aka SPF that contains ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide) can protect the skin from blue light exposure. Aside from checking the ingredients listed on the back of products to identify if an SPF is a mineral one or not, a simple trick is that most tinted SPFs are mineral SPFs!  

Searching for a non-comedogenic and paraben-free SPF for the job? The Flawless Skin Perfecting Moisturiser SPF 30 is the one for you!

The Ultimate Step: 

While implementing the essential steps in your neck and décolleté routine should greatly help to even out skin tone, lighten pigmentation and fine lines, it can be hard to erase years of neglect with just a homecare routine. This calls for the heavy lifting abilities of the Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment. Crafted to reverse the effects of your screen and neglect, the Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment effectively:  

  • Reduces fine lines and necklines   
  • Visibly brightens and firms the skin around neck and décolleté   
  • Even skin tone along neck and décolleté  

A balanced deep peel made from Glycolic Acid and Trichloroacetic Acid works to brighten and reveal youthful skin comfortably. To further enhance its effects, a medical-grade IPL is used to stimulate the skin’s collagen repair and production for instantly lifted skin. Additionally, the IPL aids in the destruction of melanin that causes pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Lastly, a signature detox lymphatic drainage massage executed by expert craftsmen reduces water retention for healthier skin upon the neck and décolleté. Watch your neck and décolleté transform in just 60 minutes! 


We hope this guide enables you to better care for your best accessory. Click here to treat your neck and décolleté to the Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment today! 

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