Understanding Acne​

Not all acne was created equal. While each bump may feel and seem the same, they can be a result of a different combination of factors. Thus, the key to keeping acne at bay is to understand its root causes and solve them from within. ​

Types of Acne

  • Non- Inflammatory

    Blackheads | Whiteheads​

    Caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and excess sebum build-up.​

  • Inflammatory​

    Papules | Pustules | Nodular & Cystic Acne​

    Caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells, excess sebum build-up, over-growth of bacteria and deep infection.

Finding the Right Treatment for Acne

  • ClearZ-Purity

    Using clinically proven botanicals, mandelic acid coupled with advanced Korean technology, treat acne from the root to achieve calm, clear skin from within.​​

  • OxyRevive™

    A radiance reviver. Includes a gentle yet intensive high velocity OxyJet to cleanse, remove dead skin and loosen clogged impurities. 

  • Quintessential™

    Our premium, award-winning facial which was designed specially for acne and congested skin.

  • Director Precision Facial

    Specially tailored to treat severely congested skin, this intensive facial
    helps to eliminate milia and deep oil seeds. Performed by our Director
    Aesthetician with more than 20 years of hands-on experience, the treatment is comfortable and virtually painless.

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  • Clarissential™

    Enjoy the best of worlds in this one treatment that utilizes three unique, powerful therapies — Vino-, IPL Light and Oxygen that delivers brighter, clearer skin and boosted cell regeneration.

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Staples for Curbing Congestion​

Designed to target the root causes of acne for a fuss-free complexion.​

  • Deep Cleansing Gel

    Proprietary deep, non-stripping cleansing formula​

    Using coconut extracts, chamomile, cucumber and papaya extracts, this deep, yet non-stripping cleanser removes impurities while soothing and hydrating the skin. ​

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  • Hydraclear Gel

    Four-pronged anti-acne treatment moisturiser

    A treatment moisturiser built to combat acne through our methods: curbing bacterial growth, reducing inflammation, regulating sebum production and hydrating. ​

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