Causes of Pre-Mature Ageing​


Extrinsic causes of ageing are factors within our environment that expedite the natural ageing process.​

  • Prolonged Sun Exposure

    UVA rays emitted by the Sun penetrate deep into the skin, causing genetic damage to collagen and elastin cells within. This process is known as photoageing.​

  • Pollutants

    Commonly found in high concentrations in city capes, prolonged exposure to pollutants cause damage and mutations to vital skin DNA. ​

  • Free Radicals

    Another city-dwelling factor, free radicals oxidise the skin, destabilising skin cells and accelerating the ageing process. ​


Intrinsic causes of ageing are factors within ourselves that expedite the natural ageing process. ​

  • Stress

    Stress results in the body forming greater amounts of cortisol. This stress hormone breaks down collagen and elastin, accelerating ageing from within. ​

  • Weakening Facial Muscles

    A commonly forgotten factor, facial muscles are responsible for “holding up” the layers above it. Weakening facial muscles cause the skin above to sag over time.​

  • Sleep Deprivation

    Late nights affect the skin’s circadian rhythm. This natural body clock switches the skin’s functions based on the time of day – protective in the day, reparative in the night. Late nights delay this cycle, resulting in poorer reparative cycles and expedited ageing. 

Round The Clock Age Defence

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