Common Signs of Sensitivity

  • Common Signs of Sensitivity - Skincare for Sensitive Skin

    Genetically, sensitive skin is linked to conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. ​

  • Common Signs of Sensitivity - Skincare for Sensitive Skin

    However, sensitive skin also includes sensitised skin, which are caused by recurring interactions with environmental triggers and allergens.

  • Common Signs of Sensitivity - Skincare for Sensitive Skin

    When it comes to skin types, oily sensitive skin may experience more acne flare-ups, while dry sensitive skin can lead to peeling, flakiness, itchiness or scaly skin.

Finding the Right Treatment for Sensitivity

In a world full of aggravating triggers, your skin is easily reactive to external changes caused by the environment and products. Seek sanctuary and stabilisation from treatments to restore your skin’s natural pH and strengthen its resilience.​

ClearPurity™️ Sensitive Repair

An effective, painless treatment designed with Korean Medi-technology and high-potency botanicals to deeply-cleanse, purify and instantly soothe sensitive skin.

Key Benefits

– Instant Relieve of Skin Sensitivity​
– Deep Pore Cleansing​
– Strengthen Skin’s Resilience Towards Triggers​
– Repairs Skin Barrier and Promotes Healing​


Other Recommended Sensitive Treatments

Safe and non-invasive facial treatments recommended.

  • Beespoke™ Honey Facial

    The instant rejuvenator specially designed to deliver radiance and hydration to full, tired skin.

  • Sun Rescue Facial

    Calm, repair and hydrate your skin with restorative care. Instantly soothes sun-damaged / dehydrated skin.

  • OxyRevive™ Plus Facial

    A radiance reviver that pumps your skin with nutrients and oxygen to revive even the dullest skin back to its radiant, glowing self.​


Amplify Your Homecare Regime

Spa Grade Formulation With High Potency Botanicals To Treat Sensitivity.

Instantly relief your skin’s sensitivity and Inflammation while strengthening your skin’s barrier.