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Top Rated Porcelain Skin Facials to Fight Acne

Top Rated Porcelain Skin Facials to Fight Acne

Facial acne is a problem that most of us have experienced throughout our lives. While some of us may have only struggled with it during our teenage years, others continue to wrestle with these pesky pimples throughout our lives.

To make matters worse, the new norm of mask-wearing has resulted in red ‘maskne’ bumps for even the best of us.

Understanding your Acne

To ensure that we can enjoy healthy skin with minimal breakouts for the long term, we need to manage it from its root causes. 

Acne is commonly caused by a combination of genetics, sebum and dead skin cells build up and hormone fluctuations. Our pores naturally produce sebum which emerges to moisturise our skin’s surface. Improper skincare can lead to dead skin cells and dirt to build up within the pore, causing congestion to form.

This congestion creates the perfect breeding ground for p.acne bacteria – a bacteria responsible for causing inflammation and irritation of the pore – to thrive. All this leads to your skin becoming irritated and inflamed; these pimples are screaming for help!

Porcelain’s Cult-Favourite Acne Facial

1. Quintessential™

At the top of the list, we have our award-winning Quintessential™ treatment. This is the extraction facial treatment for more acute facial acne. Every extraction therapist in Porcelain undergoes a minimum of 500 hours of training to ensure absolute precision when conducting extractions. Additionally, the Quintessential’s extractions go deeper than most others, thoroughly cleansing congested pores. 

While seemingly intense, the 120-minute-long procedure promises a deep cleanse to decongest and smoothen your skin texture!

With the deep extractions, do not be alarmed by the redness that occurs in the next 1-2 days. Just remember to sufficiently hydrate and protect your skin with SPF to ensure a proper recovery. To prevent further congestion or inflammation, avoid wearing make up for the next 3-5 days.

2. OxyRevive Plus™

Have a low pain tolerance but still want to achieve healthy skin?

Our 90-minute OxyRevive Plus™, an enhanced version of the original 60-minute OxyRevive™ would be just right for you!  The OxyRevive Plus™ has all the goodies of its predecessor, with the addition of a shoulder massage and a Shiatsu face massage to improve circulation, reduce puffiness and drain toxins.

The gentle yet effective OxyJet uses a high-velocity jet of saline solution and oxygen to remove surface impurities and dead skin cells. Furthermore, Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion therapy immerses the skin with a customised blend of serums and nutrients, soothing and encouraging its natural reparative functions.

3. ClearZ-Purity

Bid farewell to sensitive acne skin painlessly. Using clinically proven botanicals, mandelic acid coupled with advanced Korean technology, treat acne from the root to achieve calm, clear skin from within.

ClearZ-Purity is curated to restore health and clarity to acne-prone skin, this effective, painless treatment combines Korean medi-technology with high-potency botanicals to deeply cleanse, purify and balance the skin. A unique 360° rotating tip deeply cleanses congested pores while infusing botanicals into the skin. Customised selection of Porcelain skincare are then micro-infused in the skin with microcurrent technology. Completed with tailored LED Light therapy and a specially curated calming and restorative mask. Emerge with resilient skin that stays clear for the long run. 


Still unsure about which acne facial suits you? Check out our Skin Discovery Enhanced  and acne facial treatments in Singapore where you get the opportunity to learn more about your skin and how to take care of it!

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